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I would expect these to last at least a week before they broke, but they only lasted one day, if that. the button for the play/pause on the microphone doesn't even register already. got them brand new out of the box yesterday and they worked fine the several times i put them in. barely 24 hours after having them, they just go bunk.


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I bought these pants thinking they had the features labeled in the Tech Specs:
2 Front, 2 back, 2 cargo, pass

This is incorrect. I did not find ANY cargo pockets nor a pass pocket. There is, however, a gimicky "glove holder" on the right leg that really doesn't function well - my gloves dropped out of them while i was walking. Had volcom actually done two cargo pockets and got rid of the glove holder, i would have kept these pants and probably given them a 5 star ranking. I would have really given them 2 stars had they not been goretex. the ziptech is the best feature when coupled with a compatible jacket.

i got a medium and they were a bit too long (5'5") and a bit loose - not necessarily a terrible thing (the loose part).


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I didn't find this jacket to be particularly great for several reasons.
- There are NO inner pockets. the two chest pockets are on the outside of the jacket, not exactly the best for storing media devices in cold weather.
- the hand pockets have another pocket stacked on top of them on the outside. though the two outer pockets are good, once you stash more than a few things in them, the jacket bloats up at the bottom.
- inner goggle pocket doesn't close up. i lost goggle lens case b/c of this.

- if you ride the PNW, this is not the jacket for you. Since the snow is extra wet up there, this jacket will soak through easily

Sleeve length
I bought a small (5'5") and whenever I bent over to strap in, my sleeves would pop up 2 inches above my wrist.

Pass holder
I thought this was awesome at first - hidden between an outer pocket and a hand pocket - however, when i put my pass in, the velcro wouldn't fully close and since the holder is pointed down, there was definite potential of losing the pass.

I really liked the color and the ziptech when combined with compatible pants. Like jrocker712, i loved how it turned the whole suit into a onesie.

What could have been added:
This is more of a personal preference, but I think wrist gaiters would have made the jacket better.