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Okay so I do not have this exact model, but mine has speakers in it and is the flat black. Freaking love this thing, saved my life on the first day of snowboarding and the following trip I was able to listen to music with no prob. The helmet has the ability to convert to beanie friendly, but not once did I have to do that and it was freezing balls one day. Also it seems I have a big dome and the XXL is a perfect fit. shape and all!!



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Okay, so these heaphones are def not anything way speacial, but for only like thirty bux, I got mine form whisky Militia for 17, they are a badass deal. The bass is really not way awesome quality, but seriously who is a "Sound Coinsure"? The sound gets loud and you can adjust the bass to where it doesnt sound like crap. also you should look at the sound options on your device to see if you can bring out the best sound. The bass adjstment is in-line and needs one double-A battery, but that's no biggie. The physical headphones are pretty good quality, they are light weight and are not too tight or too big, I have a med.-lrg dome. Over all the headphones are no Bose, but being that we can get these things for 20 bucks I would say they are a def five, but on quality probably 3 & 1/2 or 4 (depending on how much you want to bitch about sound not sounding like God made it just for you. :D hope this helps