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Smith's Knowledge OTG Turbo Fan Goggles with a Mirror Lens—wearing glasses under your goggles doesn't mean a day of foggy blindness anymore.

The large sized Smith Knowledge OTG Turbo Fan Goggles with a Mirror Lens fit easily over your glasses, and a micro-electric fan helps prevent fogging. With a mirror lens, these goggles increase depth perception and cut down on glare. The silent, lightweight fan has a low speed for cruising, and a high speed to keep your goggles clear while you're sweating up a storm in the backcountry. The Knowledge OTG Turbo Fan Goggles' DriWix face foam won't get wet and slippery. See the sizing chart for information on lens tints.

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I have an older version of this - 2 battery motor. I replaced it with the new 1-battery version shown here in 2011. Deep powder season, lots of moisture in the air. I ran the fan constantly and could NOT keep my glasses defogged, even with no-fog sprayed on the lenses . It got so bad I took off my glasses and skied my first trip "blind". It was kinda fun. My next trip, the ol' 2-battery version, duct tape and all, came along and it was all good again. Talked to a guy on the Northwoods lift at Vail who had the new 1 battery version and he had the same bad experience.

How much noise, if any, does the goggle...

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How much noise, if any, does the goggle fan make?

Responded on

On low, you'll barely know they're on, on the high setting it's about the same as a single mosquito hovering above your nose. On the high setting, even in high winds on a ridge, the noise only interferes with hearing your partner if they're more than 100' away, otherwise it's the best quietest sound you'll hear simply because you can always see through the lenses even with the foam soaked in sweat!

Responded on

I agree with Bucket. There is some noise, but being able to see clearly far outweighs any negative of the noise. It can be a bit strange when you are on a quiet chairlift and you hear a tiny motor running.

I have a model from a year or two ago....

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I have a model from a year or two ago. Does anyone know if the Rx adapter works with older years' models?

Responded on

For that it would be best to contact Smith as they changed the attachment point recently so the Rx adapters work with some of the older models but not all of them. If you let them know exactly what model you have they can sort it out.

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Excellent Goggles

I Purchased the Smith Knowledge OTG Turbo Fan Series Goggle, they are snug but my glasses fit. I open the scrap and put them on that way, its easy than pulling them over the head. I like them, I'm male 64 years old. The fan works well, I skied in them Jan. 2012.

Unanswered Question

Any reports for using these for skinning...

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Any reports for using these for skinning in stormy conditions? Thanks

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I thought the fan was a gimic - was I wrong!

I have been skiing for decades but only got back in to it seriously in the last 6 - 8 years. I have owned a lot of fairly high-end goggles (Oakley, multiple Carreras, Bolle, etc.) but never anything from the deep end of the pool and only one other pair of OTG goggles (Carrera). The Carrera OTG pair that I had previously did not work well, was really uncomfortable (pinching) and fogged up really easy so I went to wearing contacts just to try and limit the fogging (which the Carreras did without glasses too). Thing is that I, like many infrequent contact wearers, can have good and bad days with my contacts with the "okay" days in between not being much more enjoyable than "I don't feel like peeling my cornea out today.". Something needed to be done.

After mucho research on the 'net I came across the Smith Knowledge OTG Turbo Fan Series Goggles. A fan in a pair of goggles? Yeah...I have had a skiing career as diverse and accomplished as Chris Davenport (Dav - I shamelessly take free heli-skiing runs in the Chugash range in return for the plug!). Despite my reservations about the micro-fan and whether or not these goggles would be better than my other pair of OTGs I read/researched on and decided that at worst I would try them and have to resign myself to wearing my contacts with them but at least I would have what I hoped would be a kick-azz pair of goggles.

Was I in for a pleasant surprise!

I have had these goggles for a couple of weeks and you can colour me impressed. I have had them out in the butt-numbing cold of Western Quebec at -20C with a windchilll around -30+ C. I have had them out at around 0 C (about 32 F) and in between (about -10 C). Some times it was snowing other times it was sunny (not quite bluebird though) and one of those (-10 C) was at night. These goggles have failed to disappoint me in all situations.

Putting the goggles on in the chalet or putting them on at the top of the hill the fan is adept at clearing fog away in a jiffy. Just put the fan on max and give it a couple minutes (at most). To help clear fog I have pulled the goggles away from my cheeks (the bottom) and that seems to expedite the process. After the fog is lifted I can leave the fan on the low mode and my prayers are answered. I have eaten it a couple of times and managed to snowjob myself fogging the goggles up in the process but a quick flick of the switch and voila - fog be gone!

I wear these goggles over my Boeri helmet (don't ask me the model - it is a few years old and I can't remember but it is a short-shell design meant for large heads like mine) and they fit nicely. They vent well and don't pinch. My glasses fit perfectly within the goggles and I have a nice range of vision considering I have so many lens going on.

The pair I bought came with the Ignitor lense and while I have ordered a clear for night-skiing it has yet to show up so I have used the Ignitor in all the situations I mentioned before and it has worked quite well. I only found it a little lacking during night-skiing in the shadows but when I say "shadows" I am talking about skiing in blobs of blackness on a run that was kinda open and seemed to have only half its lights on. I imagine that any lense would have had a problem with that situation all things considered.

Looking forward to running the gauntlet with these goggles when I go for some big-mountain (for an Easterner) skiing in a couple of weeks.

Unanswered Question

Can you purchase a speed strap for these...

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Can you purchase a speed strap for these goggles and which one?

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Still on the Fence on this one

I bought these as Over The Glasses goggles for my wife, who has a fairly small head and glasses that are fairly small as well. She has not yet skied in them, but the clearance between the glasses and the frame of the goggles is very tight. The goggles actually do fit the glasses inside, but there is simply not a bit of extra clearance around the glasses. The goggle straps are also not large enough to accommodate a ski helmet... I will be purchasing an extension strap in order to use these goggles (We never ski without a helmet anymore...). The turbo fan is supposed to eliminate fog buildup (which is why I bought the goggles in the first place...). Time will tell on these goggles, but my first impression prior to actual use is that they are simply not large enough to be classified as OTG.

Responded on

I have the same OTG Smith goggles and they are snug. I open the scrap and put them on that way, its easy than pulling them over the head. I like them, I'm male 64 years old. The fan works well, I skied in them Jan. 2012.

Unanswered Question

Have anyone here tried these goggles for...

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Have anyone here tried these goggles for snowmobiling?

Unanswered Question

Write your question here...Can one put...

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Write your question here...Can one put their prescription in these googles

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Knowledge is key

They actually work , i have skied several snowy days and could actually see for the first time !
HOWEVER....the wireing to the battery /switch box is far too delicate for actual use. makes me wonder if Smith ever tested these for more than a day.
I had to work up a new box ,with a glove friendly switch and more standby power.
The fanblade itself was unbalanced as well and was noisy.

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OTG Goggles

The OTG goggles are very good. I have used them for the last 3 days in varying conditions and they work excelently. Only 2 areas I would suggest for improvement. First, the power on/off switch is almost impossible to operate with gloves on. Second, while they go over the glasses, I have to push my glasses into the goggles. If I put the goggles on over the glasses they push the glasses back against my eye lids.

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Smith Knowledge OTG Turbo Fan Goggles

They fit my small head relatively well. On cold, high humidity mornings I have experienced only minor fogging on my glasses. It clears up quickly enough that I have yet to use the high speed setting. They offer much greater visibility down in close, than previous OTG goggles.
The Rc36 lens works well in flat light. It may not be dark enough for spring skiing.
Have not had them long enough to speak to battery life. Certainly is not chewing through batteries. Have not changed them.

How do I order an extra lens for the turbo...

Posted on

How do I order an extra lens for the turbo fan series goggles? I would like the sensor mirror lenses as well.

Best Answer Responded on

I don't think Backcountry carries them, but you could order direct from Smith; http://www.smithoptics.com/products/#/Replacement+lenses/Snow+Goggle+Lenses/Knowledge+Turbo+Fan+OTG+Replacement+Lenses/view/ or try to find them somewhere else online.

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Best Goggles.... Ever!

While a bit on the spendy side, these things are the best if you ever find yourself hiking in a storm, especially on the leeward side of the ridge. I've had these on with the foam soggy with sweat, and the lens stays clear. The trick is to turn it on before you start hiking. The batteries last forever, I've even left them on overnight, and they're still blowing, so you just use the fan as much as is necessary without worrying if they'll die on you. If the low setting is barely noticeable then it's time to replace it. I was so glad to have these last week patrolling, with 90" of snow in 4 days, and warm temps, these were the ticket to clear vision through lots of slogging.

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Didn't fit over my glasses

Note - If these goggles did indeed fit over my glasses, I'd give them a five-star rating. I've had the not-OTG (Over The Glasses) TurboCams for years with the lens-holder jobbie they sell which has consistently worked very well for me. But I needed to change to my new lens prescription, so I tried the OTG version to save a few bucks overall. Didn't work. I'm not sure if the nose-contact area of the goggles or just the goggle lens hit my glasses, but at least one of them did. So I bought new lenses for the insert and am back in business. Glad I can return the OTG's to backcountry.com.

Our boiler Crafts personnel work inside...

Posted on

Our boiler Crafts personnel work inside boilers that are 13 stories high , hot and dusty and have to perform welding during unit outages. Obviously worn under a welding hood fogging and particulate are theei main safety concerns. I am in need of a goggle that does not fog when under the faceshield and welding in hot humid areas. The lens must not distort their vision as these are certiified high pressure steam pipe welds. Please advise if these goggles have been utilized in such work.
Thnak you in advance. larry Riordan, TVA Safety

Responded on

Hi Larry, I used to be in the boiler makers union, in Cali, welding inside large diameter pipe. While I never used winter goggles under my hood, I can relate to you needs. I've never heard of them being used the way you describe, but if anything will work, these will. The lens quality is top of the line, no distortion whatsoever. I'd say its worth testing a pair to see how it goes. You'll have to be very careful about not scratching the lenses... dirt and debris will need to be rinsed off not wiped. Once you get a few too many scratches on the lens, then you'll need new lenses which are not cheap (not that anything for welding is!) You'll probably want the ignitor shade lens which should be fine coupled with a normal (9) filter plate. Hope that helps.

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Best I've come across so far!

I've tried many different types of goggles to prevent fogging while I'm wearing my glasses. These are the best I've been able to find and they work in most cases.

My first tip is to never let your glasses get cold. I find that if I put my goggles on immediately and keep them on I don't have a problem. If I put the goggles up on my helmet while riding the lift, my glasses get cold and then when I put the goggles back down the fog immediately. Flipping the fan to high will clear them but it still takes the fan a little while to clear out the fog. The battery seems to last forever, I turn the fan on when I start and don't turn them off until the end of the day. I've been skiing all season and I'm still on the original battery. All in all, they beat any non-powered OTG goggles that I've tried.

I have the rc36 tint and I find it to be a good all around tint. My eyes are fairly sensitive to bright light, yet I've don't have any trouble wearing these under a blue bird sky. I've even worn them night-skiing and I still have pretty good vision.

3 5

Works best of any options so far

I have tried an number of OTG configurations, and all quickly fog. These, too, will get fogged in heavy exertion situations, but at least offers the possibilty of clearing with the fan on high. Fit and work well. The amber rose tint seems to be about right for high to flat light situations, but does become too dim as light fades. Seem well made and durable. I also wear them doing some cold weather bicycling, and they seem to keep up with the moisture load. Not too noisy, and comfortable fit. Recommended.

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